Narcissistic family systems are both prevalent and highly problematic. Professionals who can help others make sense of such toxic dynamics are far too few. Dr. Jordan Schaul is a gifted coach who offers deep and compassionate understanding and transformative tools for those who are untangling from toxic and confusing dynamics. Facilitating Clubhouse Scapegoat Strength rooms with Dr. Schaul is a true honor. As a team, we are able to create an environment in which individuals can explore what often feels unclear and confusing. Additionally, those who often feel very isolated in their suffering, learn they are not alone. Inside of these safe spaces, Dr. Schaul also offers compassionate and practical tools for setting boundaries and navigating to a healthier and happier way of living in relationship to relationship.”
Laura Taylor, MFT
Marriage & Family Therapist/Counselor
Founder of Vulnerable Living
Santa Rosa, California

It is fun collaborating with Jordan. His knowledge and synthesis of information across domains of life science and industry blow my mind. He can make things feel relevant that don’t at the outset seem to connect.
Nathalie Martinek, PhD 
Coach, Consultant & ‘Narcissism Hacker’
Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Schaul brings real-world knowledge about the subject matter of narcissists and sociopaths. He explains beautifully the behavioral patterns of those personality types. His club Scapegoat Strength offers valuable insight for any professional that works in risk management. You need to take time each week and sit in. Jordan is an absolutely fantastic educator on the topics. We also co-host Clubhouse talks on true crime and homicide investigations and have revisited many cases I’ve personally worked on.
Jack Struble
Retired LAPD Detective & Security Consultant
Los Angeles, California

When I went to law school in New York, they didn’t teach us about how to recognize and deal with narcissists in divorce cases. Many judges and lawyers still don’t recognize the role that narcissists play in the dissolution of a marriage. Dr. Schaul’s “Scapegoat Strength” programs help fill an unfortunate gap with wisdom, knowledge, & compassion.
Steven J. Kaplan, Esq.,
Divorce Attorney
Colts Neck, New Jersey

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